01 February 2010

Big Ten Power Rankings as of February 1 2010

1. Michigan State (9-0)
MSU handily defeated Northwestern at home. Ho hum. A no-brainer top pick once again.
2. Purdue (6-3)
Last week PU defeated Wisconsin and Penn State at home. The Wisconsin game was close but the game would not have been close without a six sigma effort from Nankivil. Plus one.
3. Wisconsin (6-3)
UW lost at Purdue despite some unconscious shooting from Nankivil. Minus one.
4. Ohio State (6-3)
Last week OSU woke just in time to win at Iowa and then spanked Minnesota in Columbus. We will keep them at fourth but they are on positive watch.
5. Northwestern (3-6)
NU lost at Michigan State. It happens even to good teams. Ranking neutral.
6. Minnesota (4-5)
UM got crushed at Columbus. It happens. No change.
7. Illinois (6-3)
Last week UI won at Penn State and narrowly avoided a costly loss to Indiana at home. Beginning this week we will see why their record is a sham. No change.
8. Michigan (4-5)
UM defeated Iowa at home. Yawn. No change.
9. Indiana (3-5)
Last week IU nearly pulled off the upset at Illinois. No change.
10. Iowa (2-7)
Last week Iowa lost to Ohio State at home and to Michigan on the road. It happens.
11. Penn State (0-9)
Last week PSU lost at home to Illinois and on the road at Purdue. Life is getting rough in not-so-Happy Valley.