07 January 2010

Countdown to University of Texas Pan American @ Northwestern

We at Carmody Court apologize profusely for the silence these past couple of weeks. Though it was nice to know we were missed some of the pointed accusations from the mail bag were a little much. Carmody Court vehemently deny we went into hiding as soon as the heat was turned up by the Illni big men and a highly motivated Sparty team. We wish it were really that simple but suffice it to say that we were offline for reasons beyond our control. "And that's all I have to say about that."

Now it's time to get back to business as usual. Time is short so a full installment of our countless-part "Better Know an Opponent" series is not possible. The good news is that Sippin on Purple has Carmody Court covered! Loretta8 took a nice stab at filling our shoes. Welsh Ryan Ramblings does a nice job previewing the game as always. And Chicago College Basketball also has a short pregame analysis.

Carmody Court's take on the game? It's good timing to host a cupcake and heal the bruises from MSU's beat down. We hope to see no NU forced shots and improved interior play. Even if adjustments are apparent in the UTPA game we still won't know how effective they will be until Sunday's journey to Crisler Arena.