12 January 2010

Big Ten Power Ratings as of Jan 12 2010

Everyone else seems to do it so why not us?

1. Michigan State (3-0)
Izzo seems to have mastered using a slow start against superior non-conference competition and parlaying it into a Big Ten champion. They may not run away with the Big Ten title by 4 games this year (thanks to Robbie Hummel regaining his health) but expect Sparty to once again win the regular season title. Same old, same old.
2. Purdue (2-1)
We are very impressed with Purdue to date. The only blemish is a loss at Kohl which happens to nearly all teams. What's interesting is that Wisconsin won with their trademark hard nosed defense and deliberate offense which could be a template for NU's strategy later this week. Certainly NU doesn't have the athletes to employ the helter-skelter style that Alabama nearly rode to victory.
3. Wisconsin (3-1)
Never doubt Bo Ryan. Those preseason rankings were a joke. I'm guessing people will learn their lesson and give Bo the benefit of the doubt from here on out.
4. Ohio State (1-3)
They sit at 1-3 in conference, but Evan Turner is back. We haven't watched any games since his return, but we assume he will be back to 100% soon. That's good enough for fourth in the rugged Big Ten.
5. Northwestern (1-2)
A record of 1-2 with a road victory, a close OT loss on the road, and a spanking applied by Sparty playing at their highest level. Not exactly an impressive resume but still good enough for fifth since...
6. Minnesota (3-1)
Tubby has yet to get his Gophers firing on all cylinders though a soft schedule to date has them near the top of the standings. A depleted roster has something to do with this though the Gophers should be deep enough to be performing better.
7. Illinois (3-0)
The Illini beat NU at home in OT and are unbeaten in Big Ten play but they have been less than impressive in doing so. Expect the Illini to struggle for a berth in the NCAAs despite an impressive showing by underrated Mike Tisdale.
8. Michigan (2-2)
The Wolverines have the talent to be higher but Manny Harris has fallen in love with his press clippings. Harris oozes athleticism but his shooting accuracy is not terribly impressive and his attitude is even worse. We like Sims but he is not an immovable object as evidenced by Luka Mirkovic's solid performance on Sunday.
9. Penn State (0-3)
DeChellis is a fine coach working with limited talent (Battle not withstanding).
10. Indiana (1-2)
They would be higher with Creek but that is moot.
11. Iowa (0-4)
Someone has to be last and Iowa is clearly in the basement.