19 October 2009

On the frosh

My first glimpses of the frosh look promising and meet expectations based on recruiting hype.

Marcotullio is supposed to be the long range bomber to replace Craig Moore.  Well, he looks the part.  Time will tell if he can do it in game situations, especially when it matters, but his form looks sweet.

As much as I hate to say it, one notorious poster's wild predictions based on HS hype appears to be on target for Drew Crawford.  OK, who am I kidding.  Carmody Court has been secretly hoping that Drew Crawford really is THE GUY.  The guy who will lead NU to unprecedented heights (with the help of Coble, Juice, et al. this year).  At first blush, Crawford looks to be the type of athlete NU has longed for all these many years.  The guy looks silky smooth, ripped, and has some serious ups.  One can only hope he can pick up the offense quickly (Carmody sounds optimistic) and his defense comes along (his athleticism should help).

Man o man has NU's recruiting taken a turn for the better.  I can't wait to see what Carmody can do with some horses.  Look out Big Ten.