19 October 2009

Coach Carmody's First Media Monday of 09-10 Season

Coach Carmody has some optimistic things to say about the coming season, the most optimistic that we've heard from him since he arrived in Evanston.  Much of it is music to Carmody Court's ears...

1.  Coble sounds stronger and has more range.  Sounds like a first team Big Ten player to me.
2.  Juice sounds confident, improved, and ready to take over team leadership after Craig Moore's departure for Hollandia.
3.  Mirkovic has bulked up and looks smooth.
4.  Shurna is improved and confident with his U19 gold medal in his back pocket.
5.  The frosh should contribute and provide depth in the guard position behind Nash and Ryan.

That sounds like 4/5 solid positions with a slew of choices for the 2G spot depending on situational need (Nash-defense, Ryan-offensive flow, Crawford-slasher, Marcotullio-bomber).

It's not just what Carmody said that caught my eye but also what he did not say.  Notably, there was no mention of Capocci, Fruendt, or Curletti.  Carmody Court tends to take the cup half-full take on this team so I think this says more about the players Carmody mentioned than those he did not. 

Carmody did give some mention to Rowley who broke a bone in his foot this summer and has been wearing a protective boot until very recently.  Carmody has been taking it cautiously with Rowley so far.  It sounds like he may play this season, though i wonder just how much and whether it might make sense to redshirt him to allow his foot to fully heal and for him to develop.  Sure, NU could use Rowley this year as his size is something that the other centers don't possess, and Carmody is most likely to do whatever it takes to get over the NCAAs hump.  Still, I'm not convinced that Rowley will be needed to make the NCAAs this year.