05 December 2012

uic 50 NORTHWESTERN 44 (F)

Over the past four seasons the lowest rated non-conference opponent to defeat NU was Stanford (#49 per kenpom.com) in the 2008-09 season.  This past Saturday UIC (#144 per kenpom.com) waltzed into the Welsh and reminded Northwestern fans that this is men's college basketball and upsets happen.  Big time upsets.

NU fans predictably have been in a tizzy over a home loss to the Flames.  Fans will be fans.  The game was one-or two possession throughout with the final score equaling UIC's largest lead in the game.  The part that bugged us most about the loss was the shooting 10-20 on the freebies.  That includes missing five front-ends so it was more like 10-25 in terms of opportunity cost.  This is not acceptable.  NU also turned the ball over way too many times given the lack of on-ball defensive pressure exerted by the Flames.  In our view the Flames outpatienced (is that a word?) NU's Princeton Offense which is a rare sight indeed.

We salute the Flames for a solid defensive effort and lament the many missed opportunities NU had to salvage a victory by making just a few more freebies.