29 November 2010

Big Ten - ACC Challenge 2010

Well, goldie just shit the bed and lost one of the big ten's most winnable games on paper during this year's challenge. Way to go azzhats. We knew they were gonna come back to earth, but we had hoped it wouldn't be until January. $&@@#%^%#!!!!

Most telling statistic:
Second half scoring
UVA 58
Minn 40


What's really amusing that homers over there on gopher hole really have been drinking the koolaid and think they are the #2 team in the big ten when healthy. Say what?!?!?!?

Getting back to the subject of this post, we were hoping for a 7-4 victory this year, but now we're worried about squeaking out another 6-5 victory this year.

26 November 2010

Creighton homers

John Templon had some creighton blogger predict a bluejay victory at Welsh-Ryan. Say what? Did Nate Funk find another year of eligibility? Kyle Korver?

Give us a break. Frankly anything less than a comfortable 10 point Northwestern romp would be a moral victory for the bluejays. Their best hope will be to outgun us (a theme that is shaping up for the entire year) and the jays are bringing a pop gun to this showdown.

With the victory over the jays, nu's magic number will be 16.

25 November 2010

Over/under on wins needed to make ncaas

Ok it is like way premature for this kind of post, but i'm high on moms thanksgiving dinner and seeing the good ol' crystal ball.


Big Ten has highest or second highest RPI.
At least one of NU's non-conference opponents makes the NIT or better.

We say 20 wins and NU is in.


I don't think it matters how nu gets there but 20 is the target ladies and gents. Now I know 20 wins got us to the NIT last year, but the combo of 68 teams invited to the big dance and an improved big ten will be enough to make the difference this year.

10 November 2010

Ok now we are PRIMED for THE SEASON!


Thank you lindsey for getting the juices a-flowin! It was such a fun and bullish read that we'll give you a pass for dropping in that 20 win comment regarding last season, as if that plateau has much meaning in this day and age of 30+ game schedules.

Our favorite parts:

1. The cobb blurb -best athlete sounds like he will fill a void
2. Capoccci looks ready to break out (we saw signs of this late last season)
3. The improvements that shurna can and will make this season (wow!)
4. Crawford has made a leap (we have seen hopes for a shurna type breakthrough, which is pretty unlikely since those rarely happen, and he doesn't need to fill a huge coble sized hole)

Interesting nuggets courtesy of cbs

From the "whoda thunk it" category:


"During the offseason, according to the Daily Herald, 17 boosters teamed up to donate $140,000 so the Wildcats could make a 10-day trip to Italy prior to their fall quarter."

From the longstanding futility statistics department:


"If he had made one more basket during league play last year, Shurna would have been the first NU player to lead the league in scoring (conference games only) since Ray Ragelis in 1951. Shurna averaged 20.1 points in league games."

From the what if department

Pe'shon Howard, who is a freshman guard for Maryland, just knocked down the game winner for the terps. Some may recall nu was in on howard before he broke our hearts. Well, the kid is showing game just two starts into his collegiate career, with 14 points on 6-7 shooting and 1-1 from downtown.

We will be watching mr Howard as his collegiate career progresses.

09 November 2010

Preseason big ten power rankings

Well the season is finally upon us. Nu will have to make its historic run for the ncaas without Kevin coble. Much like last year. We expect things to turn out with a happier ending than last year. No, get your minds out of the gutter. Not THAT kind of happy ending. One night in Bangkok makes a hard man crumble...

Enough. On to more important business. Preseason power rankings!

1. Michigan state. Same old same old.
2. Ohio state. No Evan turner? No problem. Thad matta recruiting express rolls along.
3. Purdue. No hubble again. Our sister program, but with success.
4. Wisconsin. Bo Ryan works his magic. Yet again.
5. Illinois. Weber recruits finally arrive, and the illini still pine away for bill self.
6. Northwestern. Net gains from last years squad, all due respect to Jeremy Nash.
7. Minnesota. We like tubby, but can't see him cracking top half (or so we hope).
8. Indiana. Crean is nearly done with the reclamation project.
9. Penn state. Good coach gets the nod over...
10. Michigan. No manny could be a plus, but still...
11. Iowa. New coach takes over lickliters mess