09 November 2010

Preseason big ten power rankings

Well the season is finally upon us. Nu will have to make its historic run for the ncaas without Kevin coble. Much like last year. We expect things to turn out with a happier ending than last year. No, get your minds out of the gutter. Not THAT kind of happy ending. One night in Bangkok makes a hard man crumble...

Enough. On to more important business. Preseason power rankings!

1. Michigan state. Same old same old.
2. Ohio state. No Evan turner? No problem. Thad matta recruiting express rolls along.
3. Purdue. No hubble again. Our sister program, but with success.
4. Wisconsin. Bo Ryan works his magic. Yet again.
5. Illinois. Weber recruits finally arrive, and the illini still pine away for bill self.
6. Northwestern. Net gains from last years squad, all due respect to Jeremy Nash.
7. Minnesota. We like tubby, but can't see him cracking top half (or so we hope).
8. Indiana. Crean is nearly done with the reclamation project.
9. Penn state. Good coach gets the nod over...
10. Michigan. No manny could be a plus, but still...
11. Iowa. New coach takes over lickliters mess