06 April 2010

Vaya con dios, Kyle Rowley

It was announced today that Kyle Rowley is transferring to another institution where he can get more playing time. We wish Kyle nothing but the best in his future endeavors. Kyle has the potential to become a solid basketball player given the right environment -- we hope he finds that place and makes NU fans rue this day.

When we first learned of this news our thoughts immediately turned to "why?" Is it really because of lack of playing time? Or were the winters too much of a change from T&T's balmy climate? Or did he feel that NU fans was too harsh and too impatient with him? We hope it's not the latter as it would be unfortunate that some petulant tools hiding behind the cloak of a keyboard affected a man's life. Not only that but we would have to question whether the transfer would solve this problem as fans are the same everywhere (maybe not so vocal or at least transparent at schools with "smaller" basketball programs).