30 July 2009

My kingdom for a PG

NU has as much quality depth as I can remember and for years to come. Except at the PG position. Juice Thompson is going to be the only true PG on the squad this fall. As such PG is NU's most pressing need on the recruiting front. It is very important that NU lands a good PG in the 2010 recruiting class. That would give the NU frosh some time to acclimate under Juice's wing during his senior year.

The most visible NU target is Josh Gasser, a PG from Wisconsin whom NU got "in on" early but has yet to pull the trigger on NU's offer. The scuttlebutt is that Gasser would like to play for a Big Ten team and preferably for a team that will vie for the conference championship and play in the NCAAs. Those latter two points are probably the best explanation for why Gasser hasn't committed to NU.

My best guess is that Gasser is holding out hope for a Wisconsin offer. Although I'm sure Gasser wouldn't mind offers from MSU, Illinois, or Purdue. Heck, perhaps currently downtrodden Indiana would be attractive as IU will no doubt rise like the phoenix in a matter of years under Crean.

Based on scouting reports Gasser would be a good fit for NU and would most likely get a ton of playing of time starting his sophomore year. NU faithful believe that NU is on the cusp of the NCAAs, but Gasser may not either believe this or may require proof.

With recent offers from Maryland and Arizona State I'm guessing more programs will take notice of Gasser. Plus, I suspect the reason Wisconsin never offered Gasser is because they had their eyes set on another prospect by the name of Vander Blue who had committed but has since reneged. This is not good news for NU.

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